Exclusive: we chat with teamLab

FAD 登载。(Jan 30, 2017)

Exclusive: we chat with teamLab
A face to face chat with teamLab is a difficult thing as they consist of over 500 artists, scientists and technologists- so we decided to chat digitally via email below teamLab talk about their work, what and who they are and their new show at PACELondon that opened to amazing reviews last week.(本文抜粋)

水粒子世界, 超越边界 / Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries
花与人, 不为所控却能共生 ── 消除作品的边界, 度时如年 / Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - Transcending Boundaries, A Whole Year per Hour
无常的生命, 时空交汇之处诞生新的时空 / Impermanent Life, at the Confluence of Spacetime New Space and Time is Born
圆相 / Enso
空洞 / The Void
超越边界的群蝶,短暂的生命 / Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Ephemeral Life
Dark Waves
绽放于人身上的花朵 / Flowers Bloom on People