Resonating Forest and Autonomous Resonating Life - Tadasu Forest at Shimogamo Shrine

teamLab, 2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

The ovoids of light, placed in the Tadasu Forest of the Shimogamo Shrine World Heritage site, shine brightly together with the trees of the forest. The light of the ovoids and the light of the trees are autonomous: they shine brightly and then fade slowly, as if breathing.

When an ovoid is pushed, the color of its light changes, and it emits a sound tone specific to that color. The light resonates out radially to the ovoids and trees nearby. The sound tone resonates out continuously in the same way as the light, spreading throughout the ovoids and trees. The resonating color and tone also spreads to the spheres of light that are in the garden of Shimogamo Shrine. The light of these spheres resonates continuously out past the shrine’s gate to the trees beyond.

When a light resonates from the far end of the path, it signifies the presence of people or forest animals. Perhaps people will become more aware of the existence of other living things in the same space.