Hua Wu Yin Xiang, Art by teamLab / 花舞印象, Art by teamLab

Sep 30, 2017 - Sep 30, 2018 深圳Bpark绽放花园 Shenzhen, China


Closing Day
no regular closures
B.Park,No.101, 1st Floor,Block B1,OCT-LOFT,Shenzhen,China
Admission Fee
Noon:12:00-14:00 2388rmb(Including Foods, Experience and One Drink)
Night:19:30-21:30  2688rmb(Including Foods, Experience and Two Drinks)
Drinks that are so not included in the course menu will be charged extra.
※All of the above prices include service charge.
①Noon : We will start 12:00 at the same.
※Please enter the room from 11:45-11:55
※We will cancel the booking if you are 15 minutes late
②Night:We will start 19:30 at the same.
※Please enter the room from19:15-19:25
※We will cancel the booking if you are 15 minutes late
From 2 to 8 seats, anyone can book by phone .
※Charter room is OK from 6 persons

Flower Dance image Art by teamLab





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